Ghost Rider Needs R-Rated Reboot, Nicolas Cage Weighs

Following the original two installments, the Ghost Rider has more or less fallen back into the shadowy underworld. However, Nicolas Cage (Johnny Blaze) believes that there is untapped potential in the flaming anti-hero. The actor wants someone to reboot the franchise in the coming years but there are a few conditions involved.

While speaking with JoBlo in a recent interview, Cage stated that the Ghost Rider adaptations for the silver screen should have been R-rated from the beginning.

In fact, Ghost Rider (2007) began with a script that went along with the same thematic needs. However, “they” decided to water down everything and the original creative foresight was lost. The actor did not refer to Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011) but it can be taken that the same problems were faced by the second installment as well.

Cage further pressed that the character was designed in the comic books to bring fear into the souls of the wicked. In that light, the only way the anti-hero can redeem himself now is if someone decides to reboot the franchise with a much darker script.

That being said, Cage has no interest in reprising his role in a potential third installment. He would rather have someone else wear the metal-spiked leather jacket.

“Y’know, Ghost Rider was a movie that always should’ve been an R-rated movie,” Cage said. “David Goyer had a brilliant script, which I wanted to do with David and for whatever reason they just didn’t let us make the movie. But that movie is a still a movie that should be made, not with me obviously, but it should be an R-rated movie-heck, Deadpool was R-rated and that did great. Ghost Rider was designed to be a scary superhero with an R-rating and edge and they just didn’t have it worked out back then.”

The last time the character made an appearance was in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was played by Gabriel Luna. There has been no word through the grapevine if Marvel Studios is interested in bringing back the Ghost Rider in the foreseeable future.