Far Cry 5 Razing The Steaks, Blow Their Mine, Grace Under Fire Walkthrough Guide

It can be difficult to figure out what to do if you get stuck in any of the missions in a game. Especially more so in Far Cry 5. Do not worry though, as this Far Cry 5 Razing the Steaks, Blow their Mine, Grace Under Fire Walkthrough Guide will be your companion through all of the hard times.

Our Far Cry 5 Razing the Steaks, Blow their Mine, Grace Under Fire will tell you all about the aforementioned missions in a step-by-step manner so you can easily figure out how to get through them.

Far Cry 5 Razing the Steaks, Blow their Mine, Grace Under Fire

As is the case with most of the missions in Far Cry 5, you will slowly be working your way towards liberating the area from the cultists’ presence. In these quests, you will also get to add a few new people to your roster to help you on your way. Let’s go ahead and walk through the quests in Far Cry 5 to see how to easily get through them.

Razing the Steaks

Head over to the Kupka Ranch to the East of Fall’s End in Holland Valley and get in the car with zip. From here, you will go to the Flatiron Stockyards and kill all of the animals along with the cultists there. The waypoints will lead you to all of the animals who have gone astray. After that, guard Zip while he places down some explosives and then take out all enemies that come after you.

Blow Their Mine

After the previous quest, you should have be ready for the next phase. It is best to have either Hurk or Adelaide with you due to their high damage on enemies. Get to Catamount Mines and kill all enemies. After that, place four explosives in the area and defend it for four minutes as that is the time required for them to explode.

Spend most of this time inside of the building, as it will provide the best cover.

Make sure your flanks are covered as the enemies can surprise you during this phase of the fight. If the cultists try to disarm the explosives, you must stop them by shooting at them before they manage to do so. Once the four minutes are up, get to the marked place to end the quest and get 900 RP along with the Dynamite upgrade.

Grace Under Fire

This quest will allow you to add Grace to your companions. Get to the Lamb of God church. It is visible on the map from the very beginning.

Once you are there, take out all of the cultists and find Grace in the bell tower. Talk to Grace and then help her repel the attack of the enemies. It is best to get a sniper rifle from the church tower, as it can be a big help in the quest.

Make sure you do not damage the gravestones near the church. This means that you have to avoid using any explosives.

Do not be afraid to blow up their cars though. Towards the end, you will face an enemy with a flamethrower. Make sure you stay as far away as possible. It is best to shoot at the canisters on his back and kill all the remaining enemies to end the mission.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Razing the Steaks, Blow their Mine, Grace Under Fire Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!