Best Nintendo Switch Deals Of The Day: Nintendo Switch With Neon Joy-Con Controllers, Nintendo Switch 6500mAH battery case, Arms The game And More.

If you are looking to buy a Nintendo Switch, games or accessories then you came to the right place, today we will be showing you the best Nintendo Switch Deals of the day.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

Best deal if you were waiting all this time to get the best selling console in the United States which is Nintendo Switch, At this amazing price with Neon Blue and Red Joy-Con. Get the best portable gaming system Nintendo Switch today which lets you play on the go, wherever you are and whatever the way you like to. This bundle includes Nintendo Switch console and a black Nintendo Switch dock, Neon red and blue Joy-Con controllers basically everything to need to get started and keep playing so grab one now.

Get it on Newegg for $379.99

Nintendo Switch Battery Charger Case, Antank Portable Switch Backup Battery Pack 6500mAh

If you are a gamer like me this is a must buy if you usually run out of power during excessive gaming hours and when you realize that you don’t have a charger nearby. This battery charger case from Antank solves that by proving juice up to 6500mAh which will keep your gaming on for longer hours, the case is also made to protect your beloved Nintendo Switch from scratches and dropping by accident.

Get it on Amazon for $34.99

Arms – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]

Arms is a 3D fighting game which you can play with up to four players by everyone controlling different fighters available in the game, players can perform different actions with an extendable in-game arm like punching, throwing, blocking, and dodging by using motion controls of your Nintendo Switch. Different arenas are available in the game with obstacles. You can check the game guide here in case you buy it.

Get it on Amazon for $41.99

Nintendo Switch – Pro Wireless Controller

Official controller from Nintendo for The Switch to level up your game with this Pro controller. The controller includes motion controls, HD rumbler, built in amiibo functionality and more. Can be charged with USB-C to USB-A cable which comes with it.

Get it on eBay for $45.99

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