Amazon’s Breakaway Development Cancelled After Hitting A Wall

The upcoming Amazon video game Breakaway has apparently been cancelled now, with all Breakaway development ceasing for the time being. The company has said that the reason is because the developers could not make the game live up to the comments that players had about it in its alpha testing.

Breakaway was originally a Twitch streaming-focused brawler game that was being developed by Amazon-owned development studio Double Helix Games. The game was intended to focus on teamwork, fast action, and streaming, but it seems like that didn’t pan out.

Breakaway’s gameplay mainly revolved around two different teams of four players each going at one another in a brawler like arena as they attempted to move a central ball to the other team’s side of the field in order to score a goal.

After getting feedback from Breakaway’s four month long alpha test, Double Helix put Breakaway development on hiatus as they attempted to figure out a way to address the various complaints and comments that their players had. The game being cancelled apparently shows that they couldn’t figure out a way to live up to expectations, hence the cancellation.

The game might be cancelled, but at least it’s not completely dead; the development team’s statement also said that they might return to the game if inspiration strikes at a later date, though when that will be, or if it will even happen, remains to be seen.

If Breakaway development ever resumes, one can only hope that Double Helix will end up making it play well enough to generate interest in the game. In the meantime, Amazon Game Studios still has two other games to work on, New World and Crucible. Hopefully both of those have a smoother development cycle than Breakaway, and that we can see gameplay from both games soon.