Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch May Have A Co-op Story Mode

While we are aware that the game, Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch will get Tournaments at E3 2018, fans are very much excited about the game. Rumors have been popping up lately, one, in particular, it seems to be that, the game may feature a Co Op Story Mode.

Although it is a rumor, that seems to stem from a recent Tweet made by the industry insider Marcus Sellars, who apparently claims that Super Smash Bros will have a Co Op Story Mode.

Based on Sellars word, Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch, co-op mode will support up to two players. Although, Sellars didn’t clarify if this story mode would be similar to the subspace emissary seen in Super Smash Bros Brawl or something entirely different.

That being said, we would recommend you guys to take this rumor with a grain of salt. Even though some of the claims by Marcus Sellars have been true in the past, but a lot of claims have also disappeared into thin air.

It is very much possible that his claims just might have been a lucky guess or pulled from other sources. So until we hear any official news regarding the Super Smash Bros Co Op Story Mode, no one should get their hopes up.

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For concrete information, we would suggest you wait till the game makes it to E3. Only then we will be able to confirm what the game shall originally feature.

Super Smash Bros. will launch in 2018, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.