Super Mario Odyssey – Fresh New Costumes With Some History

Good news if you are still playing Super Mario Odyssey because Recently, Nintendo has released another update that will allow players to try on two additional outfits.

If you wanted Mario to look more like an athlete when jumping around or running then these are what you were looking for. Baseball and Satellaview are the new two costumes available for you to try in the game.

The baseball uniform is obviously inspired by the Super Mario Baseball series, which makes him ready to take on America’s baseball team. The outfit is pinstriped and comes with a helmet, which will cost 3000 coins for the outfit and 1500 coins for the helmet.

If baseball isn’t your style then you grab this Satellaview costume which makes it look like Mario is about to go on a spacewalk, the fact is that this outfit is a very strange reference to the Japanese modem of the mid-nineties called Satellaview, which was connected to the SNES / Super Famicom expansion port and connected to a satellite radio station. Satellaview allowed owners to download games using data transmission via satellite – a technology that never went beyond Japan.

The costume that you see on Mario was used to advertise this device. This outfit represents what the future looks like and the helmet will cost you 500 coins for the helmet and 1000 coins for the whole suit.

This new spacesuit is a strange part of Nintendo’s history, the aspects of satellaview hardware looked ahead of time this new costume has marked the space suit which Mario wore in the commercials for Satellaview’s launch which you can take a look at below

And if you are curious about the hardware of the satellaview you can take a look at that too below it is without a doubt a fascinating piece of Nintendo’s history which is not discussed anymore and on the other side Nintendo did own a chunk of a baseball team in the U.S which these outfits are referring to in a fun way.

Super Mario Odyssey came out last year exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and if you want to discover a secret event in the game make sure to check it out here.