Twitch Layoffs 25 People, Includes Company’s Top Executives And Creators

The news of Twitch laying off 25 of their finest, came like a bolt from the blue. Recently the news hit the social media and while a lot of people in the community are absorbing on what the company, aims to do with this, a great many are really furious on the news of Twitch Layoffs.

Apparently, there are 25 people, that have been laid off, which include many of the companies major employes that have been with the company for years.

We came to know about this news, from esports analyst Rod Breslau, who posted on Twitter saying that,”Creators first” is Twitch’s core mandate and values which they center around and considering these layoffs they have actually thrown all the values out of the window.

Furthermore, he added that not only him but many others have been in shock, considering a company built on those who build their streams.

Following that the former director of content marketing Ben “FishStix” Goldhaber also confirmed the news.

Be that as it may, an official statement provided by Twitch talks about the growth of the company, that Twitch has grown and has advanced with the success stories from Overwatch League to Fortnite’s milestone-setting streams.

So in order to maintain this momentum, they have an aggressive growth strategy for 2018, with plans to increase their headcount by approximately 30%.

That may be correct to some extent, but most of the community still considers this a desperate move. According to Breslau, the company had over hired and now they have readjusted. Still, it is pretty vague to suggest what is the true reason behind the Twitch Layoffs.

Among the 25 people, director of strategic partnerships Jon Carnage, video production manager Adam Contini and VP of community and social Justin Wong have been let go.

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