Nintendo Switch Tops 4M Units Sold In Japan In Two More Weeks Than Wii

It’s official. Nintendo Switch has finally reached the 4 million units sold in Japan milestone. According to Famitsu sales tracker, Nintendo’s hybrid console has sold 52,000 units last week, bringing sales to a current total of over 4 million across 56 weeks since March 3, 2017.

What’s most interesting about this report is that Nintendo Switch has sold this amount of units in Japan in 56 weeks, which is two more weeks than Wii’s. The news comes from Siliconera who translated the report from Famitsu’s sales tracker. That’s another win for the Switch after an NPD analyst estimating that Nintendo Switch in the US has sold more units during the first 12 months than the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and More than the PlayStation 2 and Wii.

As for the original sales reports, we’ll have to wait until April for Nintendo to announce the sales of the console in its first fiscal year. The company now aims to sell close to 40 million units by the end of its second fiscal year, which is a realistic goal given the console’s huge success.

As for future plans, Nintendo will reportedly be upgrading Switch with a new Soc meaning the current Tegra 210 chip in Switch will be replaced by Tegra 214. Nintendo might be updating the SoC due to the hardware vulnerability that allows for all Switch firmware to be hacked even a future firmware can be hacked.

Famitsu also revealed that an unofficial Nintendo Switch D-pad Left Joy-Con is in production. It will be a peripheral device for the Switch, the L side controller dedicated to the portable mode equipped with a cross button.

Nintendo Switch released a year ago and such impressive growth rate is going to encourage devs to further support Nintendo’s latest gaming machine. Many AAA publishers are working on games for Nintendo, publishers who dropped support after the failed Wii U are coming back for Switch; and these sales numbers would further boost their interest in the console.