God Of War Is Influenced By Bloodborne And Includes A Hub

In the latest podcast called The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth by Santa Monica Studio, it was revealed that God Of War Wolrd is influenced by another Sony exclusive The Bloodborne.

During the podcast, Senior systems designer Anthony Imento and lead level designer Luis Sanchez described how they wanted to change the old God of War experience to a completely new one. They wanted to have a world which is alive, which means players will have more choices and discovery to do in the game. While doing that the exploration became much bigger than they expected it to be at the start.

Sanchez said in the podcast:

“I just love building spaces and having them wrap around each other,” Sanchez says. “One of my favorite games is Bloodborne.” Their designs are just top-tier amazing. That has been an inspiration for me. So, a lot of the exploration spaces kinda call back to those games. We have those little micro-loops where you’re unlocking paths, unlocking shortcuts, and it’s not just for the sake of it. Giving purpose to those paths, giving purpose to those shortcuts. And kind of looping around the space and learning an area, mentally mapping it, is where I get my thrills (laughs).”

God of War is not an open world game but there will be a hub instead where players can pick up side quests that expand to the whole world and create a massive experience outside the main story, which will be offered by Dwarven blacksmiths who upon completion will reward you with gear or items which have their own stories. All of these side contents otside the main story are tieing to the story in certain ways.

The God Of War will not be a fully open-world game but there will be different optional bosses and levels and definitely will look amazing with the new One-Shot camera feature. You can hear the full podcast here on iTunes.

God Of War launches for PlayStation 4 on April 20th.