Nvidia GTX 11 Series GPUs With GDDR6 Memory Might Launch In July 2018

Nvidia has shared no plans for its upcoming line of GPUs but, leaks and rumors about the upcoming Nvidia GTX 11 Series GPUs have been popping up since the start of 2018 and while Nvidia hasn’t revealed any plans or details at GTC 2018 regarding it’s upcoming Geforce GTX 11 Series but, it seems that these cards might drop around July 2018.

As reported by Gamersnexus, SK Hynix revealed during the GTC 2018 that its GDDR6 memory will go into mass production in 3 months and this GDDR6 memory will be featured on several upcoming Nvidia products.

While SK Hynix wasn’t specific if the GDDR6 would be featured on consumer-based GPUs but it is safe to assume that the memory will be featured on the upcoming Nvidia GTX 11 Series GPUs.

If the mass production starts in 3 months, which is around June 2018, and considering that SK Hynix is going to be the main supplier for the GDDR6 memory then we can expect the Nvidia GTX 11 Series GPUs to drop in July 2018. However, this is just speculation for now so take it with a grain of salt.

While Nvidia has revealed no plans at all for its next-gen GPUs but, Metro Exodus will be the first game to feature Nvidia RTX real-time Ray tracing tech and developer 4A Games have also rolled out a demo showcasing just how realistic a game can look.

The demo itself raises the question if Nvidia Pascal-based GPUs capable of running this game with real-time Ray tracing tech enabled? The demo might indicate that Nvidia will be rolling out its upcoming GTX 11 Series GPUs either before the game’s release or with the game’s launch.

Do you think Nvidia will launch its GTX 11 series GPUs in July 2018 with a GDDR6 memory onboard? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamersnexus