Destiny 2’s Sturm And Drang Exotic Weapons Getting Buffed

Bungie has been trying to get Destiny 2 back on track by bringing updates with a variety of changes and has said to make the gameplay faster with the Go Fast update which went live some time ago, which has brought various weapon changes and added unique nightfall rewards to the game. But Bungie has some more updates in work which includes renovation of some Exotic weapons.

Today, Bungie revealed a video showing some of the new tweaks and adjustments made to particular weapons. As seen in the video, there are two exotic guns called Sturm and Drang. Sturm and Drang are two weapons which have an extra perk with them which makes using of them the best shot for you at a raid or crucible as they work the best altogether.

Drang a Legendary sidearm will reload Sturm which is an Exotic hand Cannon with which when you are killing, it will overload it above its magazine capacity to keep you stacked up while doing consecutive kills. Sturm, on the other hand also reloads Drang automatically upon consecutive kills.

You can check the weekly update notes here on development roadmap from Bungie. Where you can see that Bungie has decided to bring changes to these two weapons and make them better. In Bungie’s words, ”these guns don’t have that exotic flare”. So to do that the studio is continuously repairing weapons, both weapons will get their statistics improved with Drang getting a larger magazine and the rampage perk. Sturm is also receiving a new perk along with a 1.8x damage increase modifier to overload the rounds.

You can see the new weapons and their new perks in the video above. This new Exotic weapon change is scheduled to be released with an update which will come when Destiny 2’s Season 3 will begin.

The 1.2.0 update of the Destiny will bring Eater of the worlds Prestige Mode to the game, seasonal crucible rankings, Private matches, Increase in Vault space, Multi-Emote, Changes in Exotics mentioned above, Heroic Strike modifiers and More.