A Red Faction Guerrilla Remaster Has Finally Been Announced For This Year

THQ Nordic has just unveiled that a Red Faction Guerrilla Remaster (or rather Re-Mars-ter) will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime this year, in the next quarter. The game was a new entry in the Red Faction series, which hadn’t had a game in seven years back then.

Red Faction Guerrilla took place on the planet Mars. After the Ultor Corporation that had oppressed the Martian colonists was driven off, a new oppressor of the Martian people arrived, the Earth Defense Force, which is exploiting Mars’s resources in order to bolster Earth’s economy now that its resources have been depleted.

Red Faction Guerrilla touted its groundbreaking destruction technology, with players being able to smash through buildings and blow things up with wild abandon in order to increase the amount of revolutionary fervor in the area. The game got very positive reviews, but the series ended up being killed by one of THQ’s many missteps, Red Faction: Armageddon, which got bad reviews.

The Red Faction Guerrilla Remaster will be including fully reworked graphics, improved shadows and lighting, and 4K support, so all of the destruction and explosions that you cause will look great on current-gen consoles.

THQ Nordic seems to be pulling out all of the stops in order to get off the ground with its games, bringing back well-regarded series and games like Darksiders (which has a third game under development) to Red Faction itself with the Red Faction Guerrilla Remaster. With a number of other games also coming out soon, like Biomutant, we’ll hopefully see a lot of good things from the company in the future.

There’s no concrete release date yet for the Red Faction Guerrilla Remaster, but if you were a fan of the original game you can look out for it sometime in the next quarter of this year.