Designer Tracy Fullerton Talks About Future Of Video Games At Game Developers Conference

Last week was the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and a special episode of Ars Technica was hosted. Among many other topics was the future of video games. We had the Ars reviews editor Samuel Axon alongside, award-winning game designer Tracy Fullerton.

A lot of interesting things were said at the Game Developers Conference, one of which seems to have been stuck in our minds and that is what Tracy Fullerton had to say.

Tracy heads the Game Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California. She gave her perspective as a creator and as a teacher of the next generation of game creators.

According to her, the future of video games does not necessarily rely on multiplayer or any of its type. She is of the opinion that the future of video games relies on private or perhaps offline experiences.

According to her, the gaming evolution is shaping up once again and in the next 10 years, it shall move towards offline gaming.

She shared her experience, that she has seen students pull back from social media-driven games that use Twitch or any other platform.

Furthermore, she added that “there is a push towards private games that are shared only by a small group or that have significant offline components.”

She also talked about her students who are working on games that combine real objects with digital puzzles, creating what she called an “artisanal” feeling of uniqueness to the gaming experience.

Although what she had to say, may make sense to some of the gamers, still there is a huge number of people who would disagree with what she has to say.

Considering the success with the battle royale mode these days like PUBG or Fortnite, it actually doesn’t seem like the video game industry is involving towards offline gaming.

Rather the gaming industry seems to evolve in the other direction. Let’s hope that whatever is the future of gaming it is for the better.