Pokemon Go Version Update Will Be Available Tomorrow And It’s Going To Be A Game Changer

The developers of Pokemon Go, Niantic have recently published a lengthy post regarding the upcoming version update of the game. The Pokemon Go Version Update will be available on 30th March.

The developers said that they have focused on the “idea of research tasks accommodating nearly any exploration style from players who often prefer to go on adventures alone.”

The developers further added that the players will notice, many of these tasks focused on skills and execution rather than depending on random chance.

Although it was not confirmed, we were already aware that there might be story quests coming to Pokemon Go. Now though it has been confirmed by Niantic.

So if you are a kind of Pokemon Go user who just swipes the screen during battle and never thinks twice about it, well then this new feature will test you to actually pay attention on how you fight your Pokemon.

For players who think they know a lot about the game, then they will have the chance to prove how good they really are at the game and will also get rewarded for it.

According to Niantic, these research tasks are replayable, though they cycle out so that the content refreshes on daily basis.

In comparison to the relatively static loop of the current game, the upcoming Pokemon Go Version Update introduces a variety of different and incentivized quests which is a pretty good reason to give Pokemon Go another try.

Furthermore, according to the developers, these special research quests are meant to provide the players with rare opportunities to catch legendary Pokemon that have some storyline behind them.

That being said, very recently Pokemon Go forced updates have been implemented, which apparently shut down all available Pokemon Go third-party apps and websites. A lot of fans have not been too happy with the move as well.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs for iOS and Android devices.