New Doom Patch For Xbox One X And PS4 Now Available, Adds 4K Support

The game Doom now supports 4K resolution, the long-awaited patch was scheduled to roll out today. The New Doom Patch adds Xbox One X enhancements as well as 4k support for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

We had the announcement of Xbox One X enhanced way back at E3 2017, though we never got any indication of timing for when the Doom patch shall be rolling out. Until yesterday, the developers of the game confirmed the New Doom Patch and the enhancements it shall bring.

A brief news post regarding this update by Bethesda, described that the update is for both platforms as a 4K resolution patch. Although no further details have been provided, we know one thing that the game will be a lot more fun with the 4K resolution.

The game Doom is regarded as one of the most impressive technical showpieces for the current generation consoles. The game relies on the dynamic resolution scaling to deliver a near-locked framerate of 60 FPS, and that is without the New Doom Patch.

Although we do not know, what resolution this update will be targeting for the 4K, one thing is for sure that the visuals will certainly be amazing.

Be that as it may, let’s hope that the New Doom Update works the magic it aims for. Not sure if you have heard about it or not, recently the hackers have been trying to bring Doom 3 and every other Doom game to Nintendo Switch.

Which seems a pretty hefty job, but if done it would definitely be amazing to experience the game on Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in checking out the difference between the Nintendo Switch graphics in comparison with PS4, a video is available for you to see.

Coming back to the Doom 4K patch, at the moment we do not know for sure, how good is it, as soon as we hear some news regarding the game’s patch we will let you guys know.