First Details Surface About Crush, Daughter of Lobo, in Teen Titans

The first few details have begun to arrive for Crush, recently revealed to be the daughter of Lobo and an upcoming member of the Teen Titans.

Speaking with Syfy at WonderCon 2018 on the weekend, writer Adam Glass revealed that not only is Crush one of many illegitimate children of Lobo but she was also raised in foster care without knowing who her real parents are.

“In the real world, would it be too hard to believe that someone like Lobo, in the ’90s or early 2000s, got drunk in a bar in New Mexico, and had a one-night stand, four or five times?” Glass pointed out. “So we created this character named Crush, who is a 15-year-old girl who does not know her father, doesn’t want to know her father. She’s read everything there is to know about her father, she knows what’s out there about him, so if she ever met him, she’d chop his head off and use it as an ashtray. The attitude doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

He further added that “there is no politically correct with her” and she is all about expressing her teenage rage by wreaking havoc. She does not care about anything or anyone, and can be taken as a “hammer” in the upcoming issues.

It is interesting that Crush has no idea about her actual parents because her character design says otherwise. Similar to her father Lobo, she also sports the same love for biker chains, punk hairstyles, and gothic face paint. The only thing remaining is her need to ride motorcycles into battles.

The Teen Titans are being relaunched this summer with issue #20 in June. In addition to Crush, the brand new lineup will feature Kid Flash, Red Arrow, Djinn, and Roundhouse.