New “Deadshot and Boomerang” Trailer Celebrates Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Release

There is a new trailer made available by Warner Bros. to celebrate the release of Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay this week, featuring Deadshot and Captain Boomerang trash talking each other behind bars.

This is not the first time that Warner Bros. has featured the Suicide Squad in an animated release. Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014) had already introduced the nefarious team of supervillains. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, however, is the first story-based adaptation in this regard. Hence, the new animated movie, while going through the origins of each member once again, will be a standalone adaptation for the team.

“Task Force X” will be formed by Amanda Waller for a top secret mission to retrieve a powerful and mystical object for the government. Deadshot, Killer Frost, Harley Quinn, Bronze Tiger, Copperhead, and Captain Boomerang will have to fall in line in submission. However, they are not the only ones after the said mysterious object. Vandal Savage is also on the same quest and will fill the role of the main antagonist in the movie.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay was released digitally this week and is now available for purchase through participating retailers. The animated movie will hit DVD and Blu-ray on April 10, 2018.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay was officially announced at San Diego Comic-Con International last year and is intended to pave the way to the live-action sequel, Suicide Squad 2, sometime next year.

Elsewhere, the DC Universe Animated Original Movies will continue its phenomenal run with a second take on the Death of Superman, followed by Reign of the Supermen to conclude the two-part series. The former is scheduled to release this summer, while the latter will arrive early next year.