Rainbow Six Siege Recoil System Land On Test Servers Today, Aims To Fix Sight Misalignment

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been facing a lot of gameplay issues for quite some time now. Although we have been getting a lot of update and fixes, still the boat is full which those issues. Similar is the sight misalignment issues in the game. To which Ubisoft has recently announced that Rainbow Six Siege Recoil System shall land today on test servers.

In a Tweet made yesterday by the community developer Justin Kruger, it was revealed that in order to fix the sight misalignment, a fresh set of changes for the Rainbow Six Seige Recoil System are on their way and shall land on the test servers today.

The time reported was 1 PM EDT, so considering the time is past, it might already be on the test servers. At the moment we have not heard anything regarding whether it is on the test servers or not. As soon as we hear any news regarding it, we will surely let you guys know.

In the dev blog, Ubisoft has added some information regarding the recoil system, they have moved away from the predictable recoil patterns. Instead, they have come to another solution that does not involve predictable recoil.

According to the developers the old system had bullets occasionally diverging from the tip of the aim point in the weapon sight. In the new system through the bullet will hit exactly at the tip.

Furthermore, Ubisoft aims to offer a clean, tight shooting system, that does not cheat players.

Presuming the test servers are live, this Rainbow Six Siege Recoil System server test will hopefully be able to achieve what the developers aim it to.

Be that as it may, very recently we have also had a new patch for the game that has helped fix some of the issues which came with the previous major update. Like in its recent Chimera and Outbreak updates, which added new operator and a new story mode.

One of the major issue, that is being faced other than the gameplay issues, is of the toxic players, which have been a prime concern for the developers lately.

Let’s hope that Ubisoft is able to manage this gameplay as well as external issues soon enough.