Killing Floor 2 Infinite Onslaught Update Is Now Available

If you have been playing Killing Floor 2 and were waiting for new content to arrive so you can have more blood on your hands in this survival based game, then the wait is over. Tripwire has released a new update called Infinite Onslaught which is available for free on all platforms.

Infinite Onslaught is the first update of the year for the Killing Floor 2 bringing plenty of content for you to keep enjoying the game and keep the fans of the game satisfied. The first update of the year contains a new endless mode, a new character, new weapons, new maps and more.

First, there’s a new game mode called Endless mode which will provide endless waves of zombies which the Tripwire described as ”relentless waves of Zeds that become increasingly crushing as more waves are defeated while The Patriarch takes over in the role as The Trader”.

New weapons which players can enjoy the game are MAC-10 SMG, which returns due to the popular demand, Husk Cannon, and AF2011-A1 pistol with the ability to take down two Zeds at once.

The new playable character, short for Domestic Assistant Robot is returning from the original Killing Floor and be now used by all players. Two new maps have been added to the game with this update called Powersore and DieSector which were designed with the help of the community. The former is subterranean facility and later a new testing area.

In Addition, new cosmetics, character skins, and weapon skins are also available, do check out the vault for the new items in this update. This update also brings overall game improvements and bug fixes. There are also two new achievements which can be achieved after this update but you might consider waiting as they are not unlocking because of the update being live recently.

Tripwire has also released a trailer for this update which can be seen above.

The Infinite Onslaught update can now be downloaded on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and PC.