We May Have A Female Lead In Diane Kruger In Death Stranding

YouTuber YongYea has apparently put forth the suggestion that we’ll have Diane Kruger in Death Stranding as one of the game’s female leads, alongside apparent main characters Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, who have been getting most of the press. The evidence put forth seems compelling, but there’s no confirmation yet.

We know essentially nothing about Death Stranding, even though we’ve been getting trailers at E3 and The Game Awards for the past several years. The most recent trailer that we were shown at the 2017 Game Awards gave us probably the most information, but that’s not saying much.

YongYea’s first piece of evidence pointing towards us seeing Diane Kruger in Death Stranding mainly relies on her command of both English and German as languages. Since she starred in the Quentin Tarantino film “Inglorious Basterds”, and German can be heard being spoken in the second Death Stranding trailer (where Mikkelsen makes an appearance), that’s one point in her favor.

The second point is that Hideo Kojima said that he was considering an actress for the female role that he’d been in love with for over ten years. While he could be talking about anyone, a photo YongYea found showed Kruger, Kojima, and Norman Reedus all hanging out together, and another picture from Diane Kruger’s Instagram showed that she was apparently working on a motion-capture project.

Up until now we haven’t seen anything about Diane Kruger in Death Stranding, but with Troy Baker and Emily O’Brien also joining the cast, hopefully we’ll be getting more information not just on casting, but also on what the hell the game is even about sometime in the future.

There’s still no concrete release date for Death Stranding, but hopefully it will be coming out sometime within the next year, in 2019. For now all we can do is hope that E3 will give us more information.