PUBG Test Server Update Is Out, New Weapon Skin System And Some Other Features Included

The PUBG Test Server Update has been rolled out by the developers and this new update has brought in new weapon skin system and some other features as well.

Very recently the developers PUBG Corp. have deployed a new build of the game to the test servers. Which has given the players a chance, to try out the new weapon skin system, along with various other features.

The new weapon skin system will give the players the ability to customize their weapon’s appearance. Along with that, the players will be able to acquire different skins for their guns through new types of loot boxes, which can later be applied to the weapons using the customization menu.

The skins will be available from two new types of loot boxes known as Triumph and Raider. Triumph is a random weekly crate that can only be opened with real-money keys and Raider is a type of non-random loot box that doesn’t require a key to unlock.

We came to know about this news through Steam, so if you would want to take an in-depth look that to has been made available to you.

Just a little while back, the developers dropped event mode on the test servers, so the developers may know about the changes and improvements they should be making or not.

The same is for this new PUBG Test Server Update, the developers will be able to check for issues and if any improvements are to be made before they roll out for the live game.

Be that as it may, a lot of changes are being made by the developers, to keep the PUBG game on top. Recently the developers and the community have been agitated because of the cheating issues.

For that reason, they have been taking anti-cheat measures, and have been rolling out a lot of updates in order to manage the issue.

Seems like they just might be able to cater the issue. Although at the moment the problem still exists, hopefully, they will be able to manage it soon enough.