Overkill’s The Walking Dead Dev Diary Reveals Post Apocalyptic Georgetown

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been in production for quite some time now. While we have been kept low on the details it seems like the developers are working hard on the game. That said, the latest dev diary for the game has shown a post-apocalyptic Georgetown, which is pretty sick, from the looks of it.

Even though the developers still have not revealed much regarding the game, we can still see what kind of projection will the game have in general.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead’s dev diary video, showcases the areas of Georgetown in a post-apocalyptic world. We can be certain of one thing, that the visuals of the game will surely be amazing.

In the video, we have the producer of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, Saul Gascon as well as the environmental artist of the game Jacob Claussen talk about the environment of the game.

According to Jacob Claussen, the textures of the game and the details of the game have been designed to depict a safe environment until a walker appears. Then the game will not be as safe as the gameplay environment may show.

Furthermore, the developers talked about that the surrounding environment in the game, for instance, the neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington D.C. which has been shown in the video, presents itself in a revealing way.

Like upon seeing different aesthetics, the players will be able to imagine how it would have been before the walker came into the world. This, the developers think is a pretty interesting aspect of the game.

Apart from that many other lighting and environmental artist described the designing, look and feel of the town in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

Be that as it may, the game is scheduled to roll out, coming fall for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.