No God Of War Reboot, Cory Barlog Doesn’t Understand The Purpose For It

The hype of the game God Of War is at its peak. While the anticipation for the upcoming game is reaching out for the sky, Cory Barlog the creative director of Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared something that some of the fans may not find amusing. The idea of a God Of War Reboot has never made sense to Cory Barlog.

Playstationlifestyle” had a chance to talk to the creative director of the game, a great many questions were answered by Barlog. One of which seems to have been stuck in our minds.

Cory Barlog was asked about what are his thoughts on a reboot of the game God Of War, to which there was a pretty clear answer. According to Barlog God Of War Reboot has never been on the table for the development team.

He further added that, why would anyone like to through all of the history involved in the making of the game away? He believes that when there is a lot of effort and time involved, trying to create something of a marvel, then the reboot should not ever be on the table.

Barlog explained, thoroughly why he thinks a reboot is out of the question. According to him, when we were young we were different and now we have changed, more like evolved and similarly, the game and the characters too, have evolved over time.

Barlog is of the opinion that life in the first game is sort of like how his and the team’s life was once. With the passage of time, the evolution has taken place not only for the developers but for the game and its character.

So he wants to keep that history intact, rather than changing or adding something new, destroying the old historical representation it has.

Which does make sense, still what Barlog perhaps, fails to understand is that players would love to see the reboot of the game.

That being said, it’s apparently a no, on the any God Of War Reboot, for now, perhaps in near future, only time will tell.