New Teen Titans Will Introduce Crush, Daughter of Lobo

The notorious bike-riding and chains-wielding anti-hero Lobo apparently has a daughter named Crush that will be making her debut in the comic books by joining the Teen Titans.

According a special panel held at WonderCon 2018 (via CBR) on the weekend, the teenage superheroes are being relaunched this summer with a brand new lineup that adds several new characters. Crush, for the time being, has only been described as the daughter of Lobo but based on the character design, she will definitely be supporting the same personality traits and abilities of her father — including the love for punk hairstyles and gothic face paint.

Lobo has a somewhat unnerving history with children. In the decades-old miniseries called Lobo: Infanticide, the character was revealed to have a number of illegitimate children, all of whom joined forces to kill their infamous father. Crush appears to be the most notable of the lot.

Teen Titans being relaunched might come as a surprise because earlier solicitations suggested the series to be shuttering. However, writer Adam Glass (Supernatural) and artist Bernard Chang (Batman Beyond) will be joining forces with a new creative team to take the series into new horizons.

The relaunch will take place with issue #20 in June. Other new characters that will be recruited by Robin feature Kid Flash, Red Arrow, Djinn, and Roundhouse.

For those unaware, there is a standalone movie adaptation for Lobo that has been stuck in a rut for almost a decade. It was just last month when Michael Bay (Transformers) was reported to be interested in directing the project. In addition, screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) assured fans that the finalized script will stay true to the source materials.

The current script for Lobo demands a bloated production budget of well over $200 million, an amount that is too staggering for the debut of the intergalactic bounty hunter. Warner Bros. hopes to slash the price tag before giving the movie a greenlight.