Microsoft Rumored To Be Testing Rental Gaming Service For Official Store

There has been a twitter image circulating on the internet which indicates that Microsoft might be working and testing the new game rental feature through the Xbox Store differently from Xbox Game Pass Service.

According to the screenshot which can be seen above, it is telling that players can get their hands on Forza Motorsport 7 for 69 Reais each 3 months which is around $21 and £15. Which is a clear hint that you can rent games in the future from Microsoft for three months at one time?

The price seems to be very high as seen in the picture, we cant say how the pricing will differ in each region that’s up to Microsoft now if they want it to be the part of their system. Rental service might work like Netflix or PlayStation now giving players a chance to try a game for some time or you can try the game for a limited time as a trial in some regions. We are not sure about it.

On forums, people suggest that Game pass might be cheaper, not sure about it. And another way to do it might be installments, meaning you can pay for the game you like in installments instead of the full price at one time which is quite a useful way in Brazil.

Microsoft could experience considerable difficulties getting distributors on board, who are already against the game pass program introduced by the company. Rental game services will also result in damaging the second-hand games market who entirely depend on used games.

Microsoft is trying their best to introduce new services setting themselves apart from competitors like the PlayStation by bringing Game Pass and Play Anywhere feature. Rentals could be another part of their service.

We can hope that this does come true in the future but with a lower price as nothing is confirmed by Microsoft yet.