Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide – How To Fish, Fishing Challenges, Perks, Fishing Locations

Our Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide has been written to share some basic tips for Fishing in Far Cry 5. Since there are a lot of varieties of water bodies and fishing equipment in the game, we decided to go through some of them for your ease.

Far Cry 5 Fishing

Fishing in the game is a side-activity which you can carry out based entirely on your freedom and relaxation. There are a number of water bodies in-game including lakes, rivers, and ponds.

The catch is also good since you can fish out a number of fish species ranging from salmon and all the way to fictitious ones like the demon fish. Completing tasks involving fishing will help you earn Perk Points which you can then spend to bring something new to your character.


You can start fishing by first talking to Skylar who will be situated at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop. This is located on the border of Whitetail Mountains. After completing one of her missions titled ‘Tools of the Trade’, she will hand you a fishing rod and give you a tutorial on the basics of fishing.

You can select a number of insects via the Utility Wheel. After choosing one, project your rod onto a fishing hole. Hold the right trigger throughout your fishy business (pun intended). You can occasionally hold down the left trigger to make the fish more likely to get a bite on the bait.

Once you hook a fish, you need to begin reeling the fish line towards yourself. Remember though, don’t allow the tension line to turn red otherwise it will break.

During this scenario, allow the reeling line some slack and then get back to reeling it in when the tension becomes normal. Always reel in the direction opposite to the one which the fish is swimming in. Use the right analog stick for this purpose. Reel the fish to the shore and into your bag. That’s it. You’ve caught your fish!


Primarily, you can sell the fish you caught to any vendor in the game. This will help you earn a decent earning with the Chinooks landing you a whopping 100$ for each piece you sell.

Alternatively, you can have the fish in your own personal collection to feel all high and mighty. Lastly, if you’ve got the Cheesburger Bear (trust us, he’s awesome), you can feed him some of that fish to keep that master-and-pet bond strong.

Fishing Challenges

Pressing the touch-pad on PS4 or the select button on Xbox One will pop up a menu for Challenges. You need to head to the ‘Hunting’ tab where you’ll find a number of fish species that need to be caught.

Some of these include: the Golden Trout, Paddle Fish, Largemouths, and more. Catching these specific species will help you earn the Perk Points I mentioned above. You can use four of these points to unlock the ‘Fisher King’ skill which will tire the fish quicker when you’re reeling them in.

This particular perk is especially useful for catching the big ones. The ‘Admiral’ and some other master fisherman-level-fish are ones that are quite impossible without this ‘Fisher King’ perk.

Fishing Locations

Some of the locations where you can find these fishing spots are given below:

  • Bull Trout: Situated north from Dutch’s Island and into the main river that runs up into Jacob’s territory which eventually turns into the Moccassin River.
  • Kokanee Salmon: To the north west of Dutch’s Island, north of Clagett Bay and Elk Jaw Lodge, you will be able to find a fishing spot. Note, a vendor is also located nearby.
  • Chinook Salmon: Part of this region is affiliated with Cheeseburger’s quest which you’ll come across. The other part where you can fish is west and a little bit south of the FANG Center on the Moccassin River.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!