Destiny 2: Bungie No Longer Nerfing Weapons In New Update

If you have played Destiny 2 for a while online, alone or with your friends, you must know this when you find a new weapon which does more damage than others or a perk that makes it better than every other gun; Everyone starts grinding for it and then you’ll see that weapon being used by everyone, it’s all nice until you get tired of dying quick and then everyone starts complaining about it and then Bungie brings a patch by nerfing that particular gun.

Bungie brings new patches to bring new features or to nerf a gun which is too good or many people are using it to make that gun normal as any other game. This has been happening to Destiny since the first game nerfing all the top weapons to keep the game balanced. But this time Bungie is taking a different way with their new update.

They said:

“We went back to the board and looked at everything and said, ‘Hey, here are a couple weapons we feel like are in a really good spot.’ And by ‘really good spot,’ they’re kind of hot. They’re probably too hot for D2. In D1, people would have said (probably correctly), that means we would nerf those things. They’re nails that are sticking up out of the board, and we would have hammered them in to be even with the board. For this update, we did the opposite. We said ‘These things are kind of hot. Let’s bring everything else to them.’ So we started raising each thing up whether it be in PvE or PvP.”

The Destiny 2 1.1.4 update is coming soon with various buffs, Faster Crucible respawns, more ammo, quicker ability cooldowns, upgraded guns and penalties which you can take a detailed look here. This game update is said to make the in-game experience faster. In the above video released before the update design lead, Josh Hamrick is talking about why the studio is going in this new direction.