Nintendo Patent Hints Pokemon Trading Cards Could Become Relevant Yet Again But Not In The Way You Think

Nintendo has been into some weird stuff but it seems like they could be on to something here. Pokemon trading cards were a big thing back in the day and while they may not be as big as they once used to be they did get hyped again when Pokemon Go came out. Having that said, A new Nintendo Patent shows the integration of cards with the 3DS. This could be the same technology that powers the Amiibo or could be something different altogether.

The Nintendo Patent is pretty clear about one thing, the cards are based on the same NFC technology as the Amiibo and keeping in mind how bing Pokemon trading cards used to be back in the day, Nintendo could sell millions on the nostalgic factor alone. You can check out images of the patent below:

Amiibo, Pokemon trading cards and Pokemon Go have made Nintendo a lot of money and it seems that the company is not done milking that. All things considered, if anyone can pull this off then it would be Nintendo. This is a leak and a patent is no confirmation that such a thing would come out in the near future. Companies patent all kinds of stuff that never see the light of day so take this with a grain of salt.

This might not only be exclusive to Pokemon trading cards as other franchises like Mario could also be added to the mix. Card games might be coming back into the mainstream Valve is working on a DOTA2 based card game and Nintendo could be taking the same route in a different manner as well. It is safe to assume that these cards will have to be collected and people will be able to trade them as well.

Let us know what you think about this Nintendo patent and whether or not it hints towards a Pokemon game coming out in the near future.