Monster Hunter World Deviljho Guide – How To Beat, Deviljho Armor, Location

Deviljho is one of the new additions into the game due to the new update. The monster owes its heart and soul to the T-Rex, one of the most revered creatures from the ancient ages. Fighting the monster may be hard but finding it is difficult enough in its own right.

For that reason, you should have this Monster Hunter World Deviljho Guide by your side. This Monster Hunter World Deviljho Guide will tell you how to find Deviljho, and then how to kill it. It will also mention all of the important weaknesses and other stats of the monster so you know what you are dealing with before you fight it.

How to Find Monster Hunter World Deviljho

If you have downloaded the 2.0 patch, you can start your hunt for Deviljho. Make sure you have completed the second Zora Magdaros Quest, the one which unlocks the Elder Recess. If you have done that, then travel on an expedition to the Elder Recess and search for the tracks near the Area 5 and Area 6.

Soon, you will see tracks near the aforementioned areas. When you do, follow the tracks and you will soon come face to face with Deviljho. After taking him down, remember to speak to the Jovial Scholar in Astera to unlock special assignments for yourself. Now, let’s continue with this Monster Hunter World Deviljho Guide and see how to actually defeat the monster.

How to Beat Deviljho

The Deviljho is one of the most difficult monsters in the game. For that reason, it can appear in Level 6 and Level 7 hunts. It can also sometimes be a part of the optional quests after you have taken it out in the expedition. The quest which has you hunting the Deviljho is known as ‘The Food Chain Dominator’ and the reward for killing it is 14400 z.

The Deviljho is huge, and even that is an understatement. However, it does mean that hitting its weak points is easy. There are three main weak points of the Deviljho. To deal the most damage, you should try to sever off its tail and attack its stomach and head. As far as the elements are concerned, the main weaknesses of the Deviljho are Thunder and Dragon.

Remember that the Deviljho is extremely aggressive and violent. It will constantly try to seek victims. If it takes damage, it may become enraged. A sign of that will be that its muscles will start to glow red. If that happens, a dragon element attack will be begun by Deviljho and you need to be extremely careful when that happens.

Another important thing to remember is that the Deviljho continues to fight regardless of how hurt it is, and you need to be extremely cautious even when you have heavily wounded the monster.

Deviljho Armour Set

In order to craft a Deviljho Armour set, here is what you need:

  • Coil: 3x Scale + 4x Hide + 2x Saliva + 3x Scale
  • Helm: 5x Hide + 2x Scalp + 2x Talon + 1x Deviljho Gem
  • Greaves: 3x Scale + 4x Hide + 2x Talon + 4x Girros Hide
  • Mail: 3x Scale + 4x Hide + 2x Sliva + 4x Monster Hardbone
  • Vambraces: 4x Hide + 2x Tallfang + 2x Tail + 1x Dragonbone Relic

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter World Deviljho Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!