Far Cry 5 PC Optimization Seems Pretty Decent, No 100% CPU Utilization, Driver Updates

Far Cry 5 is one of the most anticipated games of the year and I have to say that after spending some time in the game, it is optimized pretty well for PC. Ubisoft games have had issues in the past and there have been some concerns when it comes to the Far Cry franchise but Far Cry 5 PC optimization is pretty decent and you will be relieved to know what the game does not have the 100% CPU utilization issue that we have seen in other titles.

I have tested the game on my personal rig with a 4th generation i3, Nvidia GTX 1060 6 GB with a 240 GB SSD. Keeping all that in mind, I did not encounter any major issues. With everything at high, the game ran at more than 60 FPS. There were some slight stutters here and there but they were rare and random. It is highly unlikely that this was caused by denuvo. It is most likely due to the dual-core nature of my personal CPU.

I will be testing out the game on different hardware so be sure to stick around for more information regarding Far Cry 5 PC optimization and performance benchmarks of the game. Since I mentioned dual core, you might want to check out how developers are not looking into optimizing games for CPUs with more than 4 cores. You can click here to learn more about that.

Far Cry 5 Lead Writer Drew Holmes has talked about the game’s development and the following is what he had to say:

You gotta be sort of driving through the scenes. I think, overall, we did a pretty damn good job of making sure that no matter which way you’re going, no matter who you’re talking to, everything really feels like it’s pulled along by this rollercoaster of the game itself.

Ubisoft had the game delayed for a month and it seems that it was the right call to make. With the day one patch things should be even better. It will be interesting to see how players react to this new setting and the new features, changes and additions that Far Cry 5 PC introduces. We will be doing our review of the game as well if you are looking to learn more before making the purchase.

There are plenty of you that have already pre-ordered and I for one, just like you, have been waiting for this for a long time and I am happy that it did not disappoint.

Let us know what you think about Far Cry 5 PC optimization, the new setting and all the changes in teh new game.