EA Looking for Online Engineer to Implement Live Services, Reshaping Visceral’s Star Wars Game?

It is no secret that Visceral’s Star Wars game is no longer in development as a story-driven project. But it seems it is now an open world Star Wars game featuring online elements and a live service-based model. The studio behind it, Visceral, is no longer active as it has been shut down.

As for the game, the project is still kicking but is being reshaped by EA. According to a recent job posting, EA is looking for an online engineer, possibly to reshape its upcoming Star Wars game and implement live services model.

The company is looking for someone to “lead a team for an open world Star Wars project.” Now here is where things get interesting, the company has altered the original post to remove certain sections that mention the term “online.” Here is a comparison of the Old and altered┬áposts.

It is possible that EA does not wish to reveal that the title is now an open world game so it altered the listing or it is not comfortable with words such as “online” and “online infrastructure” as they both have a bad rep when associated with EA games.

That seems unlikely but if that is the case, they may need more editing. According to a different section of the job listing, this Star Wars game will have “Online features such as Matchmaking, Asynchronous interactions, Live services, Server-host migration.” The engineer applying for the job must have experience working with such aspects.

It is safe to say that the next EA Star Wars game is going to feature live services. It is going to either be a multiplayer-centric experience or have strong multiplayer elements to it, at least. What does that mean for its story mode?

The new Star Wars game is now being developed by EA Vancouver. It is to be noted that this may or may not be the same game Visceral was working on but all things point to it being the same game, being repurposed to serve a more monetization friendly product.