You Can Get The Far Cry 5 Secret Ending In Ten Minutes

One interesting thing that the more recent Far Cry games have put out is the possibility of other endings. The Far Cry 5 secret ending is no exception, and you can actually get it in around ten minutes of playing, making it quick to just go in, get it, and restart the game.

In Far Cry 4, the previous game, players also had a secret ending that they could get at the beginning of the game: sitting and waiting for Pagan Min to return while he tortured a rebel allowed him to come back, take Ajay to his mother’s grave (which was why he came to Kyrat in the first place) and then go off on some sort of joyride with him.

The Far Cry 5 secret ending, which you can see here (spoilers by the way), simply requires you to not arrest Father Joseph Seed in the game’s prologue. Despite being a megalomaniac that’s breaking the law (enough that the US Marshals were sent in to arrest him), players have the option to not arrest the father in order to defuse an extremely tense scene.

While Seed will offer himself up willingly to be arrested, players will have to spent around five minutes standing there staring at him in order to make the secret ending trigger, where the player character and his US Marshal comrades simply turn around and walk out of the church.

Players likely won’t take this option and leave it at that (especially considering that ends the game), but fans of Far Cry 4 might have discovered it by accident just by waiting to see what would happen if they stood there for a few minutes and waited.

Since Far Cry 5 comes out on March 27 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, players will have three different ways to get both the Far Cry 5 secret ending and the game’s actual ending at the end of the story.