Here’s Our Attack On Titan 2 Review, Swinging Around Slaying Titans Is More Fun Than Ever

Attack on Titan 2 is released, bringing a whole new twist to the franchise with more impact on its gameplay and a whole new storyline. With it, our 3-minute Attack On Titan 2 Review is out, letting you know why you should give it a go in just the right amount of time.

As you’d expect from a true sequel, Attack on Titan 2 is bringing new features and more intense gameplay while keeping all the content you liked from its predecessor intact. The opportunity to create your own character is giving you a sense of immersion, however, it almost feels like you are a filler to the story while all the NPCs have more character depth than yours.

You won’t find a huge amount of story progression in Attack on Titan though while most of it is a recap of the first title and the first season of the anime but you can see all cutscenes from a different perspective so that’s a nice touch. This doesn’t seem like a huge factor though since its multiplayer section is giving you all the replayability you’d want for it to be worth its price.

The fact that you can create your own structure and develop friendships with other NPCs is giving a boost to the existing gameplay. You can tell that the developers have managed to step up the game while keeping everything they’ve done right with the previous game. Overall, Attack on Titan 2 is a solid title, worth noticing that is more fun to play than ever. Check our 3-minute review down below: