God of War PS4 Development Is Over, Game Has Gone Gold

Cory Barlog announced on his official Twitter today that God of War PS4 development is now over, and the game has gone gold. Sony Santa Monica is now on track to release the game next month on April 20, as the game is now seen as “finished” barring patches and updates.

Considering that we’ve been waiting two years for this particular God of War game, and around eight years since the last main God of War title, the end of the wait is long overdue, especially when it comes to a drastic change in setting like now, where Kratos has traveled to Scandanavia and into Norse mythology.

While God of War PS4 development might be over for now, that doesn’t mean that Sony Santa Monica is going to stop tweaking the game. Various glitches and bugs are likely still there, and the studio will continue to work on fixing them, along with any possible DLC that might be coming to the game.

And that’s not even getting into the upcoming God of War sequels, which will continue to push Kratos deeper into Norse mythology, likely all the way to Ragnarok, which has gotten a number of different hints in the gameplay that we’ve seen in previews and gameplay videos.

However, we so far only really have the faintest ideas of what the story of the upcoming God of War game is going to be as Kratos travels with his son Atreus to conduct funeral rites for the boy’s mother, as they scatter her ashes on the highest mountain of all the Nine Realms.

Hopefully God of War’s return to the Playstation will be a great success, especially considering how much hype has been building over this game since E3 2016, when its reveal trailer was first announced. We’ll just have to see how well the God of War PS4 development went when the game releases on April 20, exclusively for the Playstation 4.