Football Manager Touch 2018 On Nintendo Switch Perhaps? Game Rated For Switch In South Korea

Sega’s football simulation game that has already landed on PC, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS may now be in the works for Nintendo Switch console. Very recently we have come upon something that pretty much implies the same. The South Korean rating board has rated the game Football Manager Touch 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

Although at the moment the developers and publishers have not announced this officially, we do have the ratings that have been made available from the Game Content Rating Classification Committee.

So based on that, what we can gather is, that the Football Manager Touch 2018 is being prepped for Switch, So the official news of this, just may be around the corner.

The game that has been rated, is the simplified version of 2018 edition of the popular Football Manager series. This edition of the game features touch controls which is likely the part of the reason, why it seems to be coming to the Switch.

That said, we still are skeptical because you may already know that, a game getting an age rating is not a 100% confirmation of it being, actually getting released. So we would also urge you guys as well to treat this information with the grain of salt.

Football Manager 2018, is the latest entry in the series of football club management simulators, that said the game is also available on steam.

Something to add here is that Football Manager Touch 2018 was not as detailed as its original version of the game. So the question arises that whether will there be changes in the Nintendo Switch version of the game or not.

Since Switch has the capacity to pick up better details, and assuming this news follows up, then we can be certain, that the Switch version of the game may be as good as it originally is on PC.