Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 Will Introduce Quitter Penalty, Additional Security Measures Also Included

Destiny 2 has been experiencing a lot of issues and bugs, some of the major issues being related to quitters and cheaters. Turns out that Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 will be addressing this matter with a firm hand. There is going to be a penalty for those who quit the game in between.

Coming Tuesday, the game will be bringing it’s presumably the biggest update since launch. The last Destiny 2 Update we received was 1.1.3 in February. The last update brought in a couple of features as well as some fixes to the issues, but they did not address this cheating issue.

Although, they did say that the company aims to cater those players, who affect the game of other players and that they shall not tolerate it.

This expected update will be bringing a lot of major changes to the Crucible in an attempt to make the game’s PvP mode feel more satisfactory, rewarding, and intense.

Additionally, in order to improve the gameplay experience, the developers, Bungie will be instituting a quitter penalty to the competitive playlist in an effort to restrain players from leaving.

The reason is valid, because those players who leave the game unannounced, potentially, ruin other people’s games. The new update will place a temporary restriction on those players who quit before a competitive crucible match is complete.

Furthermore, the length of the restrictions may vary based on how habitual a player is of quitting, for now, they have said that the length of the restrictions will be at least 30 min in length.

Talking about those players who have a knack for cheating, one way or the other, Bungie has assured that in the coming Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4 new security measures will be able to detect cheaters faster.

For obvious reasons, the developers have not given out any more details on those security measures but it seems like this new update will be taking caring of those issues that have been latching on to the game for a long time.

Be that as it may, Destiny franchise has had its ups and downs but recently it seems like the game is losing its grip. It appears as if the players are being put off by the whole concept of Destiny and how Bungie is handling this franchise.

Still, let us hope that they are able to manage all of the issues this title is facing.