Sea Of Thieves Gold and Reputation Bug Fix You Need to Know About

Sea of Thieves is going through a lot of bugs since its opening day. You might have completed a quest but didn’t earn any Gold for doing it because of a bug.

Sea of Thieves is going through many bugs at launch, which is due to the new game being live without proper QA. It happens but yes it really gets annoying. If you are facing this gold chest missing bug then don’t worry there’s a way to fix it.

The game developer has suggested this a fix to get all the gold and reputation you lost back to you. After you are done with a quest in Sea of Thieves and you don’t get any gold and reputation just quit the game and relaunch it and start the matchmaking again to get all the items back.

They actually get delayed not lost so don’t worry.

This bug was noticed by players when they finished the quests and factions in the game like “Merchant Alliance or Order of Souls.” If you want to take a detailed look at how this works you can see our guide here. A similar issue is being reported by users in which when you start the match they are unable to see items or clothing of their characters which is really annoying, but can also be fixed by restarting the game.

Seems like the best temporary fix is to restart the game when you see a bug or when your items start to disappear. Restarting the game is a temporary fix until Rare, the developers of the game, resolve these bugs in the game with a patch.

Rare did notice the bugs being reported by players and they made a tweet on telling that they are aware of the different bugs in the game and investigating for a fix.

People are facing weird error codes like CinnamonBeard, Bronze Beard, and Grey Beard which are quite annoying and need to be fixed. Sea

Of Thieves is now available to play on Xbox and Microsft Windows.