Our Wishlist for The Division 2 – Features, Improvements, New Additions, and More

The Division 2 reveal is set for E3 2018, where Ubisoft will share most of the details about the game with us. The first game layed the foundation of something beautiful that can be further improved with a sequel. However, what improvements and changes do we want to see?

Leaving Destiny 2 behind after only a few weeks of its release, my team and I moved back to The Division. It is a game we started playing back when it launched but due to a number of issues and other titles getting in the way, we couldn’t continue playing it on a regular basis. However, with the release of update 1.8, we just had to go back and going back not only made us realize how shallow and empty Destiny 2, but also how Ubisoft learned to listen to its community and molded the game according to player feedback. And my god! The Division is currently in a fantastic shape and we love every minute of it.

Still, there are some elements that should improve to enhance player experience in The Division 2. We already know that The Division 1, in terms of its development, is going to be the start of The Division 2 so most of the things will remain the same. But surely, it won’t be the exact same game. So what are our hopes for The Division 2?

Better Story Telling

To be honest, The Division never had a bad story, it was just never told in a compelling way. The Division’s mediocre voiceover, a silent protagonist, lack of proper cutscenes, a thin story stretched across numerous missions were something of a letdown.

There is nothing wrong with keeping the story short and concise in an online multiplayer RPG like The Division. The problem comes when you try to forcefully stretch that thin content unnecessarily. Keep it short, compelling and impactful with proper cutscenes and some emotional sequences that make you care more about the characters around you.

Improved Netcode

The Division’s netcode saw a number of improvements since its release there are still some issues. Latency in hit registration is one of them. Enemies are bullet sponges and when mixed with latency in hit registration, it often becomes frustrating when facing waves.

More Variety of Side Activities

Right now, there isn’t much variety in side quests and encounters. They feel repetitive so it is something Ubisoft need to look into to make sure those activities don’t become boring.

No One Likes Bullet Sponges

Enemies in The Division are smart, they rush you, flank you, and have a tendency to overwhelm with their firepower. But the encounter becomes unnecessarily hard due to each enemy soaking up bullets. Ubisoft developers need to take a second look at the toughness of its enemies.

Why Do We Have The JTF?

The JTF provides no support to The Division team on site. They need to play there role and at least cause some damage to the enemy AI. At the moment, they are completely useless and are there just for the sake of it. This needs to change in The Division 2.

What changes and improvements would you like to see in The Division 2?