Nintendo Switch The Best Selling Console Ever in the United States

Nintendo Switch did have an excellent year and have a record set of most sales for a gaming console ever during the first 12 months in the United States. The NPD, an American Research Group recently released a report which marked Nintendo Switch sales to increase incredibly over the last year.

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said in a statement that the Switch in the past 12 years has reached the highest install base console in the US history, during the first 12 months. Which means that Nintendo Switch in the US has sold more units during the first 12 months than the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and More than the PlayStation 2 and Wii.

Nintendo hasn’t told the exact units. they have sold in the or other regions of the world specifically in 12 months. In this report, Nintendo Game boy advance is not included for some reason and if it was then Switch would not be the best selling console in history.

nintendo Switch has sold more copies in a year than Wii U which roughly sold 13 million units until now. But Nintendo has stepped up the game this time with The Switch and will definitely be looking to overcome the number of sales which Wii did which is set to be over 100 million units since 2006.

On the other side, PlayStation 4 was the best selling console in February which was beating Nintendo Switch by 30%. The Switch was winning most of the time in last year in terms of hardware in the US coming after PlayStation and Microsoft.

Nintendo can easily cross over 30 Million units in around 2 years if they keep going same as they were in 2017.

Turning to game sales, Monster Hunter World was among the best selling games of the month with more than 7 million sales to its name, whereas Burnout paradise topped the in the UK charts during the first week of its launch marking the comeback of the game.

Source: Resetera