Doom is Getting Xbox One X Enhanced Support

Doom is going to get an update to support the Xbox One X as Microsoft recently added Doom to the list of games which are going to be enhanced for Xbox One X.

Doom patch was before listed as in development, But now it says coming soon on the list, which marks that an update is coming soon for Xbox One X.

Doom is the only game by Bethesda which yet has to get an update to support PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The update was confirmed during the E3 event in 2017.

The contents of the Doom Xbox patch are not known yet. Also, there is no idea when they will support PS4 with an update yet.

Doom is one of the most beautiful games to be launched on PS4 and Xbox One. Campaign mode was solid as you beat Hell raging demon hordes along the way. You have a wide variety of futuristic weapons, upgrades, movement and advanced melee system for the close-range encounters.

In the multiplayer, you can dominate your opponents in a fast-paced arena combat. You can use your skills and powers to eliminate enemies, unique power-ups that allow you to play as a demon as well.

Doom consists of SnapMap which a map editor which is easy to use and allows us to make different experiences in the game. You can edit maps together with your friends or make a custom gameplay as you want by editing game logic to create brand new modes which are really fun.

Doom used to run at 1080p when it first launched on the consoles with smooth 60 frames per second and looked really beautiful due to the in-house engine by Bethesda Softworks. So it will be interesting to know what changes will be made to the visuals of the game and how Ps4 Pro and Xbox One will benefit from the new update.

DOOM is available to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.