Deviljho Has Arrived In Monster Hunter World

First major patch for Monster Hunter World is here, it is rolling out to Xbox and PlayStation today. In this new patch, an old monster from the series: The Deviljho, is coming back.

As you can see in the trailer by Capcom, they gave us a closer look at the Monster, no one can stay safe from the Jaws of this massive Deviljho. Deviljho looks so deadly, even other monsters are not safe from him.

What makes Deviljho special and different from other monsters you’ll encounter in the game is its eager hunger. Deviljho needs to be fed immediately. Capcom, during the reveal, was seen driving it around the Ancient Forest to assault different beasts at one point, it hooks onto a Jagras and starts swinging it around as a weapon.

This new patch will also bring changes to the weapons of every type making them balanced, particularly melee weapons like increasing the Gunlance attack damage and the Great sword will get a buff as well.

Capcom is adding a new option to return to destination menu to return to gathering hub after you finish a mission. Capcom is also looking over the complaints which allowed players to stop their teammates from carving a monster.

Players will be able to use the parts from Deviljho and craft two new armor sets Vangis α and Vangis β, Also bringing new 14 weapon types, new designs for Sword and Shield, Bow, Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive and Charge blade.

Capcom will start the first seasonal event in Monster world after this update, called Spring Blossom Fest, Be Coming in April with daily fun activities and a new gathering hub.

Monster Hunter World is going strong with breaking 7.5 Million sales already. The patch will be around 600 MB. You can check the details of the patch here on the Capcom site.