Ark: Survival Evolved Nintendo Switch Edition Announced

After the announcement that Ark: Survival Evolved – or a part of it at least – is coming to mobile devices, Wildcard Studio announces that the famous survival title is coming to Nintendo Switch. Are you ready to hunt some dinosaurs?

It might be hard to believe, given its high requirements on PC and its graphic fidelity, but Ark: Survival Evolved is actually heading to Nintendo’s hybrid console. It’s the first of the popular survival games to be ported to the Switch so it opens up the path to more to come. Furthermore, Wildcard has revealed that the Nintendo Switch edition will offer the same features as the existing console versions on PS4 and Xbox One.

As for its release date, nothing is set in stone yet. According to the announcement at Game Developers Conference, the port is due sometime this fall while its mobile version shall be in Google Play and App store this Spring. Ark: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch will have both physical and digital copies, yet we think due to its size, the best play here is to get its physical copy.

We’ve already discussed the matter a few months back, saying that a port for Nintendo Switch is possible but would require a lot of work. Given the Switch’s smaller size, lesser power, and unfamiliar architecture, Ark: Survival Evolved will have to be both optimized to look good without compromising its gameplay.

When it comes to survival games, Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the flagships. Its still one of the most played titles on Steam, even though it may never reach the numbers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Dota 2. It received its latest expansion a few months back, bringing new content with more sci-fi and fantasy elements into the game.

Are you excited about Ark: Survival Evolved coming to Nintendo Switch?