Sea of Thieves Crew Guide – How To Expand, Tips And Tricks

This Sea of Thieves Crew Guide is for details on how to join crews, team up with your friends and keep you coordination game strong. Additionally, we have information on solo-play as well. Below is the Sea of Thieves Guide for crew selection in the game.

Sea of Thieves Crew

Before anything else, after booting up the game, you will be presented with a choice. You go either go for solo play by choosing the ‘Sloop’ ship or team up with your friends or other players online with the ‘Galleon’ ship. The Galleon is much more massive than the ‘Sloop’ ship. The single-player mode will let you start you game in a tavern free to roam the world all on your own.

Note, however, solo-play will still include online features like players roaming the world of Sea of Thieves and online challenges. This also means that you may even encounter Galleon ships in solo play which can be quite a challenge to defeat. However, taking advantage of the relative speed of the ‘Sloop’ ship, you can out-sail the ‘Galleon’ ship and avoid taking any damage.

Choosing the ‘Galleon’ option will bring up a screen where you’ll need to invite players (your friends) to join the game. Alternatively, you can choose to play with random players around the globe. This is done by launching the search option which will pair you up with three available online pirates at that time.

The size of these ships also mean the crew size is different for both. The Sloop can incorporate no more than two players on it. So if you’re the DIY type or would want an adventure with another fellow pirate, then go for this option. Otherwise, for maximum crew size, you need to travel in the Galleon. Though matchmaking restricts the number of players on the ship to four, there’s technically no restrictions on how many pirates can man the ship.

If you are able to find and make new friends within a game session, then you can ask them to help you on your vessel. This will mean the crew size can be expanded. So maximum crew capacity is kept loose as of now. The drawback here though is that players from other crews cannot automatically share loot and rewards with ones from a different crew.

Also, if they get teleported by a mermaid, they will move to their ship and not yours. Hopefully, this can be addressed in the near future by the developers who can maybe increase the maximum crew size to accommodate twice the members than the regular four on the Galleon.

This is all we have in our Sea of Thieves Crew Guide. For more on Sea of Thieves, head over to SegmentNext.g