PUBG Mobile Using Bots To Keep You Playing

To be honest, I won my first game when I played PUBG on mobile, But I was shocked to get my first chicken dinner, But now I know the reason why. Actually it is because the game is full of bots, Sorry but it is true.

If you see people on the internet most of them will be happy with their performance in the game, but this is because of the bots. Bots are said to make players get used to the game.

Many players are winning their first game, getting seven or eight kills in the process. But If you have played PUBG on a desktop you’ll know the difference with that number of kills on a touchscreen instead of a mouse? That’s shocking. These number of people wining keeps increasing and it is due to bots.

It seems like as in the early part of the game you’ll mostly end up playing with bots, The mobile version doesn’t mention that but according to my experience, it is true. I did see some players with same outfits walking across me like I cant be seen even in the open which is quite funny in a game mode like Battle Royale.

The Verge reported a few days ago, that PUBG uses bots to ease the players into the game. As you rank up with wins, a ratio of bots to real players widens and you end up fighting more actual humans than bots. After about 10 rounds and leveling up you’ll start to encounter more real players.

So if you want some competition you better start leveling up to face the real human players instead of bots, and then you can like me stop getting those chicken dinners so easily.

On the other hand, if you play Fortnite like me it is quite hard to win a match because of the presence of real players in the game. So if you did win the first match or got 10 kills, we are really sorry to bring the truth about the game to you. PUBG Mobile is now available for iOS and Android.