New Rainbow Six Siege Patch Helps Work Out Chimera And Outbreak Issues

As with any major update to a game, there are bound to be a lot of bugs. Thankfully, a new Rainbow Six Siege patch has helped Rainbow Six Siege address some of the issues in its recent Chimera and Outbreak updates, which added new operators and a new story mode.

The Chimera update mainly seems to focus around biological terror, and gives players two new operators to play with: Finka and Lion. The two new operators come at a good time, especially with the Outbreak update, where an old Soviet satellite infected with a spaceborne virus crashes into the small town of Truth and Consequences and turns the populace into monsters.

The Rainbow Six Siege patch has a lot of stuff to go through, but we’ll put some of the most important stuff here. For starters, players will finally be rid of some of the most annoying glitches. These include your operators randomly becoming invisible over the course of gameplay or having a different uniform equipped, or having all of your weapon skins and other cosmetic items reset to their defaults after you disconnect from a game.

Another few important fixes includes that in matches with low connectivity, the hostage in that game mode will be able to be picked up if they enter a down but not out state, whereas before they couldn’t be picked up again, leaving players stuck. They will also now receive a revive icon if they enter that state.

A few Outbreak fixes in the Rainbow Six Siege patch also now allow players to hear the Operator voice lines and read the subtitles, an issues that was previously known before the patch. Turrets that have used all of their ammunition can now also be picked up again, allowing players to keep using them.

There are a lot more fixes that came with the Rainbow Six Siege patch, and you can read the rest of them by following this link. While the patch arrived on PC today, console players will be getting it in a few weeks.