The Sims Mobile Marriage Guide

You do not need to pay anything to get your Sim married with their loved one. Hence, it is very easy getting married if you know how to do it. Here we have curated this handy The Sims Mobile Marriage Guide in which we will not only guide you on how you can get married in The Sims Mobile but also how to have a baby and how to raise your baby.

The Sims Mobile is the perfect game for your mobile devices if you want to take your Sims with you everywhere you go.

It comes with all features of the full version and one of the most important features of the game is getting married which fortunately is not a premium feature in The Sims Mobile unlike most of other features.

The Sims Mobile Marriage

Getting married is one of the most fun mechanics of The Sims Mobile and it is also a simple one. You do not need to do very tedious things to get married but just some simple steps and your Sim will be ready to marry the love of their life.

Starting the marriage process begins at the very first interaction of your Sim with a potential partner. Find the Sim and your approach for the initial interaction must be a flirty one.

This sets the route and then later initiates some special relationship events that you must complete in a good way, as these events will evolve your relationship with your potential partner.

Here are the stories that you can opt for a romantic relationship:

  • More Than Friends with Benefits
  • A Missed Connection
  • Secret Crush
  • Tainted Love
  • Soulmates
  • The Fixer-Upper

If you feel like that you already have an amazing friend and you need to break free from being “friend-zoned” you can change your relationship with them through the interaction options.

Deciding to flirt with a fellow sim will open up the dating event.

Wedding Quest

Once enough relationship has been built with the person, you will eventually get the option of proposing that Sim. This is the first big step towards getting married and it will take a good 8 hours to complete.

Once the event is complete, you will be engaged to that Sim and now it is time to prepare for the perfect wedding. Having done that, the wedding quest will be unlocked.

Here is what you’ll have to do to complete the wedding quest:

  • Set a wedding date
  • Choose wedding invitations
  • Complete the ‘Something New’ fashion event at the studio
  • Set up a wedding gift registry
  • Complete the ‘Do You Take This Menu?’ culinary event at the restaurant
  • Complete the ‘Something New’ fashion event at the studio again
  • Create a wedding guest list
  • Taste cake samples in the fridge
  • Complete the ‘Do You Take This Menu?’ culinary event at the restaurant again
  • Complete ‘A Night to Barely Remember’ event at the club
  • Overcome cold feet three times
  • Complete the ‘True Love’s Test’ event at the civic center
  • Purchase the wedding decorations
  • Complete the ‘Here Comes the Wedding’ event at home
  • Enjoy wedded Woohoo

You’ll have two days to complete the quest, but if you are just focused on getting married you can do that without completing the quest as well.

Completing the quest, however, will unlock Honeymoon Suite bedroom set.

Before getting married, you must plan it out and buy some things that are vital for the marriage ceremony. All these items come in the wedding collection section of the marketplace.

This is actually a collection of three things. You will require one of these items, which include Windowed Rose Lattice, Floral Pillar and Wedding Arch.

Once you have all the items in your inventory, you can put them down and select the Wedding Arch to start getting married.

When you tap the Wedding Arch, it will have the option of ‘Get Married to’. When you tap this button, a list of potential Sims will appear. Make sure you choose the right one in this section.

Once the right Sim has been selected simply press OK and the marriage will begin. It is a very short event and after it is over, both the Sims will be married.

After getting married, you can also opt to having a baby.

Another thing to note at this point is that The Sims Mobile allows same sex marriages as well, so you need not to worry about finding an opposite sex partner for your Sim.

If you want your Sim to marry a same sex Sim, you can easily. Just make sure that their relationship status is strong enough.

Having and Raising a Baby

After getting married, your Sims can have a little baby as well. Just like getting married, having a baby is no rocket science and only requires a few small steps to prepare for the arrival of the little one.

In this section, we will guide you on how you can have a baby and after having a baby, how to raise the baby into a toddler and a child and so on.

There are two simple ways of having a baby in The Sims Mobile however, before using either of these methods; your Sims must reach Level 11.

You will also require a Stork’s Visit Bassinet, which will house the baby upon its arrival. You can buy it from the Babies and Kids section of the market.

The first method is by adopting a baby and the second method is by trying for a baby. For trying for a baby, the couple must be of the opposite sex and they must have a double bed.

Double beds are not very expensive and you can easily find one for as low as 270 Simoleans. The second method is adopting a baby. You can adopt a baby by paying a little cost.

This works out for couple of the same sex as well as the opposite sex. Different sex couples can opt for any methods while same sex couples only have the option of adopting a baby.

Once all requirements are complete and the Stork’s Visit Bassinet is in place, simply tap the Bassinet and the stork will deliver the baby.

Once you have the baby, it is time to grow it to a child and so on. This is yet again a very simple process.

As time progresses in the game, your baby will automatically continue to grow but once it wants to become a toddler, a cake icon will appear on its head.

Simply tap on the icon and your baby will turn into a toddler. This works as it is for later growth stages as well. You only need to tap the head once the baby has grown.

The normal growing time of a baby is 24 hours. Therefore, it means that after 24 hours, you will have to check and tap the cake icon on top of their head to grow them to a toddler or later growth stages.

As the baby grows into further development stages, this time will continue to increase. You must keep the baby happy and well fed. There are different interactive activities that the parents can perform with the baby.

Once the baby Sim is a fully grown Sim, you’ll be bidding farewell to your current Sim as it will retire and new Sim will take over.

This concludes our The Sims Mobile Marriage Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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