New God Of War Gameplay Shows Off Combat, Environments, Options

A new fifteen minute video of new God of War gameplay has shown off a lot of new content for us that we haven’t really seen in trailers before now. The video, which was posted on the official Playstation YouTube channel, shows Kratos and Atreus making their way through an old ruin.

The new gameplay gives us a lot of indications on how the various parts of the game are going to work, both with the combat with Kratos’s new axe and shield, along with how Atreus can assist him in battle. We also get to see how much bigger the world is, as Kratos and Atreus can find side-rooms that offer treasure chests.

Kratos is able to use his new axe to do things like trip enemies, freeze them in place with ice, or throw it to reach distant attackers. However, that doesn’t mean he’s helpless without the axe. Kratos can also straight-up punch his enemies, even making use of finishing moves to kill stunned enemies.

Atreus helps out too, and just like Sony Santa Monica says he’s very low-maintenance, mainly keeping out of the way but also helping Kratos fight enemies by holding them in place, drop-kicking them to knock them off balance, or just using his bow to shoot them, though he has a limited number of arrows and can be briefly knocked down.

The new God of War gameplay also puts to rest the rumor that was begun that the game would have microtransactions. Players have two currencies, experience and something called Hacksilver, both of which are used to gain new outfits and new skills for Kratos. Hacksilver is easily picked up throughout the environment, while XP is gained over the course of the game.

To see the new God of War gameplay for yourself, you can find the video further up this article. The game itself comes out on April 20 for the Playstation 4.