Hazelight Studios Talks About A Way Out Visuals For Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Hazelight Studios, the same people that were behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, have started to talk about the A Way Out visuals that players can expect to see if they buy the game on either the Xbox One X or the Playstation 4 Pro. The game comes out on March 23.

A Way Out is a game that’s apparently best played with a partner, much like Brothers, as it tells the story of two different men attempting to escape prison. While it will be short (according to Hazelight the game will only be around seven or eight hours long), it’ll be similar to Brothers in that there will be no DLC for it.

Instead, much like Brothers, Hazelight will be moving on to their next project, though hopefully it won’t take as long to reveal as this did. While A Way Out did get a teaser trailer at first (showing both main characters riding on a train), there’s no telling how much longer it will take the studio to

When it comes to A Way Out visuals, players who buy the games on the premium Xbox and Playstation consoles will have a distinct visual advantage over players who buy them on the regular consoles. For instance, playing on the regular Playstation 4, players will have the game’s framerate locked at 30 because it’s a split-screen game. But on the Playstation 4 Pro, the framerate will be uncapped.

On the Xbox One version it will likely be the same, but the Xbox One X will have a higher framerate and a higher resolution, though the Playstation 4 Pro might have that same improvement as well.

Either way, if you want experience the A Way Out visuals for yourself, you’ll probably want to have a Playstation 4 Pro or Xbox One X along with you. Keep in mind that you’ll also need a friend to play it; the game is co-op only.

The game will be releasing on March 23, for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.