God of War Sequels Will Also Be Taking Place In Norse Mythology

Players won’t just be getting a one-and-done adventure in Norse mythology, according to Sony Santa Monica. Aaron Kaufmann, the Senior Community Strategist for the studio, has said that God of War sequels will also be taking place in that setting for the foreseeable future. Kratos and Atreus will stay around for a while longer.

It’s likely that we’ll be dealing with the same sort of narrative structure in the upcoming God of War games as we did in the previous ones that were focused around Greek mythology. God of War 3 ended with Kratos having killed all of the Greek gods (except for Athena) and all of the Titans, leaving Greek humanity to follow its own destiny.

Considering the numerous references to the Norse mythological event Ragnarok, the final battle that would destroy the world and see it reborn, we might have another God of War trilogy building up to that moment in the next few God of War sequels.

Hopefully, considering that the upcoming God of War game appears to focus on Kratos’s personal growth and him building his relationship with Atreus, the story will also continue that trend. Considering that Kratos was previously a much-mocked and criticized antagonist for how he acted in the previous games, it might ingratiate fans to the series again if they play a more three-dimensional character.

Either way, we’ll be able to see where Sony Santa Monica intends to take their own version of Norse mythology next month when the game comes out. With all of the different things that can be put into Viking mythology, and with how good it looks so far, the God of War sequels will have a lot to live up to.

While we don’t know how far away the God of War sequels will be, the upcoming game will be releasing on April 20, exclusively for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.