How To Defeat Kraken In Sea Of Thieves – How To Find, Killing Kraken (Tips And Tricks)

The Kraken is one of the most mysterious creatures in Sea of Thieves. Not only is no one sure of how to make it spawn but people often end up dying to it or running away rather than try and defeat it. Do not fear though, because today you will learn how to find and defeat Kraken in Sea of Thieves.

As we tell you How to Defeat Kraken in Sea of Thieves, we will try to give you some tips which will help you counter the aggressive nature of the Kraken and some tips on how to maximize your chances of running into the Kraken.

Kraken in Sea of Thieves

The Kraken is quite mysterious since people do not get to see it that much. There is no one way to make it spawn, and usually, when it does pop up, it is at the worst of times and ends up being just a hassle rather than a challenge. In order to defeat the Kraken, you need to have a bunch of cannonballs; planks and bananas or you will simply perish.

There is no particular way to make the Kraken appear but it seems as if the more players that are grouped together in a certain area, the higher the chance of the Kraken spawning. This means that multiple groups can stock items and travel out into the sea in hopes of slaying the beast.

How to Defeat the Kraken

First of all, remember that if you see the sea turn black instead of blue, then you can escape the black sea before you are locked in it and unable to escape from the wrath of the Kraken. However, if you do choose to fight it, then this is how you should go about it.

When you see the tentacles of the Kraken rise, you need to target them one by one. That is the first step. Use whatever is at your disposal such as cannons and pistols. You will defeat the Kraken once you have made each and every one of its tentacles retreat back into the water.

One of the most important things to remember when fighting the Kraken is the fact that your ship will probably take a lot of damage. This means that you will need to repair your ship right in the middle of the fight. Ignoring this fact will make your ship fall victim to the undertow and you will eventually die.

If you see a Kraken which has tentacles with a mouth attached to them, then be extremely careful. They can grab a hold of you or another player and deal damage. If this happens, then an ally needs to damage that tentacle as much as possible until you are free. It is also important to note the fact that you need to prioritize the tentacles that are near your ship as those are the ones that are most threatening to you.

Once you defeat the Kraken, you will be rewarded with an achievement that you have defeated the Kraken. However, there will be improvements made to the Kraken as the game is updated and chances are that it will have other rewards for you quite soon.

That is how to defeat Kraken in Sea of Thieves. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!